Lilly the Ladybug 3-in-one Zoobie Pet

Lilly the Ladybug 3-in-one Zoobie Pet
A Zoobie pet is a soft toy, soft pillow and comfy blanket – all rolled into one. Take Lilly the Ladybug for instance. He’s a unique patented plush toy that converts, first, into a comfy pillow and, then, into a cuddly super-soft blanket – the blanket is folded inside the animal and attached by a zipper. With its micro-bead stuffed head, large, extra soft inside coral fleece blanket and outer chenille body material, its now wonder that Zoobies have won so many awards. Each animal has its own definitive extra-soft-to-the-touch body texture. The inner blanket is made of coral fleece.

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