My Very Own Name Personalized Story Book

My Very Own Name Personalized Story Book – $ 59.95
In the world of personalized children’s gifts, one delightful present stands alone for its originality and the special feeling it brings to the child lucky enough to receive it. My Very Own Name Personalized Storybook is destined to become a family keepsake. This charming book highlights the child’s first name, last name and birth date, using beautifully illustrated animals to bring the names to life. Within the playfully rhyming story, the tiger brings the T, the yak brings the Y, and the book – while sharing interesting facts about each of the animals – brings joy, education and fun to reading time. This unique children’s gift is perfect for newborns, as well as boys and girls up to age eight. Make it a gift set with the “Animals &; Alphabets” personalized plate.Add a matching gift box for just $4.95.Make it a complete gift set by adding Kirby the Frog and an adorable t-shirt embroidered with the letter of your choice, along with a gift box for just $20.90 more.Please allow 3 weeks for standard shipping.Published by I See Me! Inc.

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