Sassafras Ladybug Pull-A-Long Backpack

Sassafras Ladybug Pull-A-Long Backpack

Sassafras Ladybug Pull-A-Long Backpack

Looking for a kids wheely bag with style? Does your child yearn to express themselves? These vividly colored Sassafras Pull-A-Long Backpacks will end your search. Each adorable bag is durable PVC, that is durable and easy to clean. There is no better accessory for a trip to grandmas or a friends. Your child can fill this roomy bag with toys, books, lunch, snacks, toys or anything else their heart desires. This Sassafras Ladybug Pull-A-Long Backpack can be worn on a child’s back or pulled when handle is extended. Each wheely bag measures 5.5″ wide x 13″ high and 9.5″ long.

Ages 3-6


Sassafras Ladybug Pull-A-Long Backpack.

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